The Best iPhone Productivity Apps of 2013

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2009 I thought, here, finally, is a device that will bring a little more organization to my life and which will, surely, make me more productive. And so I sold my Palm Treo and delayed my anniversary vacation so that my wife could wait in line for me at the AT&T store in order to fork out $700 for one.


While the original iPhone was a noticeable improvement over previous smartphones, it was still very limited. After all, it had only half a screen of applications and lacked basic tools like a task manager.

Fast forward to 2013- past the advent of the app store, social media, cloud-based solutions that sync data, and better hardware (including gps and the accelerometer). The iPhone has become a much more integrated device for managing productivity.

More recently, a new breed of iPhone apps have begun to hit the App Store that have more intuitive and sleek interfaces. ¬†After testing many, here are 11 of the best productivity apps that I’ve found for the iPhone.